Beloved Muslimah

Cultivate a life that brings you closer to Allah ﷻ.

Start by knowing the Self.

How many of us say we love Allah and do other than what Allah loves?

How many of us seek love for His sake and receive other than what we desire?

This is due to our disconnection with Allah and clarity on

- Who we are

- What we believe and value

- What we want

- Not knowing how to heal our emotional traumas and control the Self

- Action plan for our day-to-day

My goal is to help the Muslim woman heal her soul and know her Self by clarifying her ultimate desire, healing her past wounds, and stepping into the confident Muslim woman she wants to be one step at a time through coaching and mentorship.

We do not have to be on this path alone.

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What does

“for the sake of Allah” mean?

Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on his soul) said:

“There are four kinds of love, which we must differentiate between, and those who go astray do so because they do not make this distinction.

1. The first of them is love of Allah, but this alone is not sufficient to save a person from the punishment of Allah and to earn him His reward. The Mushrikeen, worshippers of the cross, Jews, and others all love Allah.

2. The second is love of that which Allah loves. This is what brings a person into Islam and out of disbelief. The most beloved of people to Allah is the one who is most correct and most devoted in this kind of love.

3. The third kind is love for the sake of Allah, which is one of the essentials of loving that which Allah loves. A person’s love of that which Allah loves cannot be complete until he also loves for the sake of Allah.

4. The fourth is love for something alongside Allah, and this love has to do with shirk. Everyone who loves things alongside Allah but not for the sake of Allah has taken that thing as a rival to Allah.

This is the love of the Mushrikeen.”

(Al-Jawaab al-Kaafi, 1/134)

Your external state reflects your internal state.

To change your environment, you must change within first.

Through transformational soul-elevating 1:1 coaching sessions, you:

  • Define your starting point
  • Clarify your inspired vision
  • Set practical actionable steps
  • Receive structured support
  • And celebrate along the way

To align with your higher self and your heart’s deepest true yearning.

Client Inspiration

Sister K

In just three months, we accomplished so many life lessons that I will carry with me forever. I realized there is always room for love, light, and joy; you just have to open yourself up to more. I am now very comfortable being vulnerable, and I am not afraid or ashamed of my past.

Sister T

Coaching with her made me feel more optimistic and confident. Now, I have a better sleep schedule, handle my highs and lows, self-care practices, and am more in tune with my body and more.

Sister F.

My pain level was beyond 10, but during the session, it significantly decreases to 4-5. By the end of the session, I was completely pain-free, reaching a level of 0.


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