Right now, are you...

👉 Feeling unbalanced and doubting or criticizing yourself.

👉 Being hard on yourself by questioning your ability to achieve all the things you aspire for.

👉 Feeling conflicted, stuck and fearful… of what, you have no idea.

👉 Feeling like you are lacking something important in your life but not sure what and not sure who to ask because you should know you best - not someone else.

👉 Confident in some areas, forward-driven and goal oriented.

👉 Forward-driven and goal oriented, but a part of you is also very much trapped in the past. Knowing there are wounds from previous relationships that you know you would not be able to work through alone.

👉 Overwhelmed and frustrated.

👉 Ashamed and afraid of your past.

Want someone to share your soul with, but not sure who to trust.

I hear you.

And I want to help you heal from within too.

Are you seeking to

Heal from within

Uncover your authentic self

Rediscover your confidence

Gain peace of mind

Increase in gratitude

Forgive yourself and others

Set and achieve your goals

Build new habits

Balance being deliberate and liberated

And wonder when the above will happen for you?

When you take a chance on yourself, love, in sha Allah.

Everyone has a purpose in life, but sometimes, we need someone to help us know our purpose. To help us reconnect with ourselves. To help us gently appreciate our falls and learn their lessons. To help us rediscover who we truly are and what our hearts lead us towards.

I invite you to a transformational soul-elevating coaching program to:

  • Define your starting point
  • Clarify your inspired vision
  • Choose your options
  • Receive structured support
  • And celebrate along the way

To align with your higher self and your heart’s deepest true yearnings.

In Sha Allah

What does a coaching package come with?

👉 Pre-coaching questionnaire
👉 One 30-minute complimentary coaching session

👉 Six coaching sessions (60 minutes per session) divided

👉 Live calls 2x a month for three months

👉 Access to inner work worksheets as necessary

Who do you work with?

Let's take an example of the women I work with:

She is a high-achieving woman raised as a Muslim in the West who wants to change her life but doesn't know how. She is determined and driven to improve her life but struggles to identify her pain points and where to focus. Despite being educated, intelligent, and dedicated, she may feel unsure or stuck in her current situation. This could be due to a lack of clarity on her goals or a need to identify the root causes of her challenges. By gaining a deeper understanding of her pain points and seeking guidance and support, she can begin to take actionable steps toward transforming her life.

She has many goals but deep down, wants

⭐ A man who loves her

⭐ Be confident

⭐ Be financially wealthy

⭐ Feel feminine

⭐ Be grounded in her deen

⭐ Student of knowledge

⭐ Increase her savings

⭐ Feel secure

⭐ Physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically (all of it) well

⭐ Grounded in natural healing

⭐ Let go of her past relationships and focus on her future

Yet feels at this time rejected, unloved, and sorrowful because she knows she is a perfectionist struggling with self-criticism and self-judgment.

Through coaching, she wants

To change her life trajectory. She wants to be self-accepting, self-aware, and self-confident. She would not be judging or criticizing herself for her past mistakes and would be forgiving and understanding of herself. She would have a clear understanding of her strengths and successes, and would not compare herself to others. Her love life and career will be thriving, and she will have a positive outlook on life. She will be consistent in her habits and routines, including her sleep schedule, and will not struggle with imposter syndrome or feelings of loneliness. She will deeply understand her faith and actively seek to learn and educate herself on her deen. She will be generous and compassionate towards others, and will not let her fears hold her back from reaching her full potential. She will learn her power as a woman. In sha Allah.

Meet Bint Hawa

I am a certified Beautiful You Life Coach focused on helping Muslimahs gain the confidence and clarity to be who they truly are.

I am a Muslimah born in the East, and raised in the West.

Having spent over 10 years in leadership within male-dominated spaces, I've connected with women from various career backgrounds who, despite their external success, often felt unfulfilled and disconnected—whether single or married. The environment did not nurture our femininity, causing us to lose sight of what truly brought us happiness as women. Through my journey and experience, by the grace of Allah, alhamdulilah, I recognized and embraced the path to personal fulfillment - learning to be kind to ourselves as women. I've had the privilege of mentoring and coaching women to embark on a similar empowering journey.

With Allah's guidance, I empower women to go from uncertainty to clarity in building a fulfilling life. We focus on their starting point, set inspiring vision and practical steps to support them in becoming the best versions of themselves, in sha Allah.

Welcome to Beloved Muslimah Coaching.

A sanctuary for your journey to self-discovery, well-being, and personal fulfillment, in sha Allah.

My intention is you walk away feeling the below is true for you.

I discovered iman from my lost soul and developed a relationship with myself and Allah in the most beautiful ways.

I feel happier than ever, at peace, calm, loved, and inspired to live my best life. Coaching with Bint changed my whole perspective on life and how I lived and redirected me to my true self and path to Allah.

I fell in love with who Allah created me to be, and even if there are tests and challenges in life, I deeply understand that they are good for me, and I will get through them and come out better because I rely solely on Allah.

I have learned to forgive myself and others easily and move forward without living in past experiences. I learned how to let go of my past while taking the lessons from those experiences to serve me in the best of ways. I’ve learned so much more about myself that I am living my fullest potential.

I have shed all preconditions of societal expectations of myself and what being a successful woman means.

I am on a path greater than I imagined that brings me closer to Allah and is filled with light. I bring ease and light to those around me, and I feel at ease and light, happy, empowered, and more than anything.

I have better sleep patterns, time management, and achieving my goals and living my best life.

When does the program start?

Ongoing one-to-one enrollment

What is the price?

Time investment - Live call (60 minutes) every two weeks for three months - total 6 coaching sessions.

Financial investment - $650 OR monthly payment plan of $250/monthly for three months.

100% commitment to show up for yourself and do the inner work.

What do you gain?

Since it's a personalized approach, what you will walk away with will be unique to you. In general, women feel they:

1. Heal from within

2. Uncover their authentic self

3. Rediscover their confidence

4. Gain peace of mind

5. Increase in gratitude

6. Forgive themselves and others

7. Set and achieve their goals

8. Build new habits

9. Better sleep patterns

10. Emotional resilience


Coaching is not professional therapy or a substitute for professional medical services and advice.

Client Experience

Sister K

In just three months, we accomplished so many life lessons that I will carry with me forever. I realized there is always room for love, light, and joy; you just have to open yourself up to more. I am now very comfortable being vulnerable, and I am not afraid or ashamed of my past.

Sister T

Coaching with her made me feel more optimistic and confident. Now, I have a better sleep schedule, handle my highs and lows, self-care practices, and am more in tune with my body and more.

Sister F

My pain level was beyond 10, but during the session, it significantly decreases to 4-5. By the end of the session, I was completely pain-free, reaching a level of 0.

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